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Hi, welcome to the Internet version of Suspended In Gaffa. This site is based on a non-commercial radio show I used to have that ran for several years, in Kansas City and Chicago (non-commercial in that I never got paid, it was strictly volunteer and for fun). I focus on female vocals, not because I don't like male vocals (Peter Gabriel and Jeff Buckley are gods!) but because I really really REALLY like female vocals. Please see the About section for more details, especially why I don't play great artists such as my Main Goddess Kate Bush, or Tori or Sarah or Bjork, which kills me, because I love these women, but is necessary.

This page is no longer being updated because I have no time. Maybe one of these days I'll start making new shows again. Never say never. Sorry in advance about all the broken links. The music is still there, and that's what counts.

Please scroll down the show pages for samples of music and notes on each artist.

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