Artists Played

List of artists played on Suspended In Gaffa

10000 Maniacs - Scorpio Rising (note/sample)
A.C. Marias - One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing (note/sample)
Agnes Bernelle and Marc Almond - Kept Boy (note/sample)
Akiko Yano - Rose Garden (note/sample)
Alkistis Protopsalti - Kathreftis (note/sample)
Amazulu - Cairo (note/sample)
Anna Domino - Rhythm (note/sample)
Anne Pigalle - Intermission (The Gods Are Bored) (note/sample)
Anne Pigalle - The 1000 Colours Waltz (note/sample)
Ashley Maher - Dream Rhymes (note/sample)
Ashley Maher - The Flow (note/sample)
Azure Ray - Seven Days (note/sample)
Banderas - May This Be Your Last Sorrow (note/sample)
Bel Canto - Free Lunch In The Jungle (note/sample)
Bel Canto - Spiderdust (note/sample)
Boswell Sisters, The - Put That Sun Back In The Sky (note/sample)
Caterwaul - Cinnamon Color of my Heart (note/sample)
Catherine Lara - Aral (note/sample)
Charlotte Martin - Under The Gravel Skies (note/sample)
Cocteau Twins - Cicely (note/sample)
Coldcut featuring Queen Latifah - Smoke Dis One (note/sample)
Cranes - Everywhere (note/sample)
Danielle Dax - Touch Piggy's Eyes (note/sample)
Danielle Dax - When I Was Young (note/sample)
Daou, The - Surrender Yourself (note/sample)
Dave "not that one" Stewart and Barbara Gaskin - The Locomotion (note/sample)
Dulce Pontes - Cantiga da Terra (note/sample)
Eddi Reader - Cinderella's Downfall (note/sample)
Eleni Mandell - Snake Song (note/sample)
Ella Blame - Covered With Sweat (note/sample)
Ella Blame - Incurable (note/sample)
Ephemera - Everytime (note/sample)
Eva Ayllon - Bandida (note/sample)
Grace Darling - Teardrops (note/sample)
Grace Darling - Transportation (note/sample)
Gretel - Wolves (note/sample)
Happy Rhodes - Collective Heart (note/sample)
Happy Rhodes - Ecto (note/sample)
Happy Rhodes - If Wishes Were Horses, How Beggars Would Ride (note/sample)
Happy Rhodes - Proof (note/sample)
Happy Rhodes - Temporary And Eternal (Echoes 1995) (note/sample)
Happy Rhodes - The Chariot (note/sample)
Happy Rhodes - Tragic (note/sample)
Happy Rhodes - Winter (note/sample)
Heather Duby - For Jeffrey (note/sample)
Hector Zazou featuring Anneli Drecker - I'll Strangle You (note/sample)
Heidi Berry - The Moon and the Sun (note/sample)
Hollie Smith - Amazing Grace (note/sample)
Humpe Humpe - Yama-Ha (note/sample)
Inara George - Fools Work (note/sample)
Innocence Mission, The - Surreal (note/sample)
Jane Siberry - The Gospel According To Darkness (note/sample)
Judie Tzuke - For You (note/sample)
July - Grace (note/sample)
Kat Terran - Caravan (note/sample)
Katell Keineg - Franklin (note/sample)
Kirsty MacColl - Innocence (Guilt Mix) (note/sample)
Komeda - Our Hospitality (note/sample)
Laurie Freelove - White Hail (note/sample)
Le Mystere des voix Bulgares - Erghen Daido (note/sample)
Le Mystere des voix Bulgares - Svatba (note/sample)
Lene Lovich - Bird Song (note/sample)
Lili Haydn - Mama (note/sample)
Marianne Faithful - Falling From Grace (note/sample)
Mary Coughlan - Parade Of Clowns (note/sample)
Mary Kelley - It'll Be Alright (note/sample)
Mary Lorson and Saint Low - Oh Regret (note/sample)
Mary Margaret O'Hara - My Friends Have (note/sample)
Merrie Amsterburg - Belonging (note/sample)
Micropixie - Cognitive Dissonance (note/sample)
Mila Drumke - Constance (note/sample)
Milla - Gentlemen Who Fell (note/sample)
Mouth Music - Seinn O! (note/sample)
Márta Sebestyén - Szerelem Szerelem (note/sample)
Najma - Neend Koyi (note/sample)
Nan Vernon - Elvis Waits (note/sample)
Nan Vernon - No More Lullabyes (note/sample)
Nina Hagen - Born In Xixax (note/sample)
Noe Venable - Black Madonna (note/sample)
Noe Venable - Garden (note/sample)
Noe Venable - Is The Spirit Here? (note/sample)
Noe Venable - Juniper (note/sample)
Noe Venable - midsummer night's dream (note/sample)
Pamela Golden - Happens All The Time (note/sample)
Rainbirds - Big Fat Cat (note/sample)
Sam Phillips - Tripping Over Gravity (note/sample)
Shakers, The - City of Strange Delights (note/sample)
Sheila Chandra - Raqs (note/sample)
Sheila Nicholls - Moth and The Streetlight (note/sample)
Shona Laing - (Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy (note/sample)
Sinead Lohan - No Mermaid (note/sample)
Sinead O'Connor - Fire On Babylon (note/sample)
Single Gun Theory - Fall (note/sample)
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Christine (note/sample)
Sophie Zelmani - Going Home (note/sample)
Steeleye Span - Cam Ye O'er Frae France (note/sample)
Sugarcube, The - Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow (note/sample)
Sunday All Over The World - Sunday All Over The World (note/sample)
Susan McKeown - A Mhaire Bhruinneall (note/sample)
Susan Voelz - Mystic River Bridge (note/sample)
Takako Minekawa - Plash (note/sample)
Telling, The - Blue Solitaire (note/sample)
Terami Hirsch - Little Light (note/sample)
Toyah Wilcox - Ghosts In The Universe (note/sample)
Tricky with Martina Topley-Bird - Overcome (note/sample)
Two Loons For Tea - Looking For Landmarks (note/sample)
Velvet Belly - Wide Open Spaces (note/sample)
Victoria Williams - Main Road (note/sample)
Wendy MaHarry - Brother (note/sample)
West India Company - Bengalis From Outer Space (note/sample)
West India Company - O Je Suis Seul (note/sample)
Yma Sumac - Chuncho (note/sample)
Zoe - The Lion Roars (note/sample)