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I'd sure like to play something from the soundtrack, but I don't want the wrath of the record company to
come down on my head. I have permission to play this music so I hope you listen to it. It can be turned off.
It's "Winter" by Happy Rhodes, a Radiohead/Jonny Greenwood fan.

Deleted Scenes
Scenes from the film
TV spots
Dubbed trailers
Video Reviews
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The deleted campfire scene

That's the full scene in the trailer where Eli and old man Sunday are sitting around the campfire with HW and Daniel. I don't know why it was deleted, it's great! I love the look on Plainview's face. This guy doesn't like suffering fools, but he has to to get what he wants, and you can see that he just wants to tell the Sundays to fuck off but can't ("Oh" *HA*). I also like seeing how HW is learning well at the knee of his pop.

Trailer for the sneak preview, with a deleted scene, and different scenes from the film


Three clips from the movie:

Get Out of Here Ghost

Down and Dirty in the Mud

Draaaaainage/Milkshake scene


Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson on Charlie Rose

Daniel Day-Lewis (cinemablend)

Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson (CBS Sunday Morning: maddancer )

Daniel Day-Lewis (CNN: benderxrd2 )

Paul Dano (cinemablend)

Newsweek Oscar Roundtable (not TWBB-specific, but DDL is interviewed along with other 2007 Oscar hopefuls: Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, and James McAvoy)


My favorite Trailer

There are several trailers out there but that one is my favorite. The mix of scenes, voiceover and music is absolutely perfect. I must have watched this thing 20+ times by now.

All the various trailers are similar, but each seems to have scenes that others don't. If you're as obsessed as I am, each new new scene is a thrill. I am weird, ok?

I put the username of the person who uploaded it in so I could keep track of them.

Trailer (uploaded by lashelas77) with different scenes from the film (including the "Oh")

Trailer (xtratrash) with different scenes from the film

Trailer (AlRosePromotions) with different scenes from the film (more voiceover of the monologue)

Trailer for the sneak preview, with a deleted scene, and different scenes from the film


TV spot 1, scenes not seen before, fantastic music selection!!

TV spot 2, also with more scenes not seen before, but music is more muted

TV spot 3, yet more scenes, great music, too short!


It should be against some international treaty to dub movies, especially if you're
dubbing Daniel Day-Lewis...

French trailer

German trailer


Daniel Day-Lewis at the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Awards, aka Critics Choice Awards)


There are several video reviews on YouTube. Here are the ones I've found so far. Some include scenes not shown elsewhere. They're differentiated by the uploader's name.

Video Review: Michael Phillips (a professional reviewer from the Chicago Tribune)

Video Review: SceneStealers (silly guys, but they get it, especially regarding the humor of the film. good scenes)

Video Review: mdelar (Very good, but a HUGE spoiler that's not in any of the others that I've seen so far)

Video review: spillcom (at least one dipshit-"this movie won't be talked about in 20 years"- but this has some scenes not in the trailers, including the "proud daughter of these hills" bit)

Video review: iamjackscolin (he likes it)

Video review: RevYOUshow (some people don't deserve to breathe air)

Video review: reeltakes

Video review: kenandjosh (I like these guys, they get it!)

Video review: higgyhackford

Video review: somagirls (Very good, and has some scenes not in the trailer)

Somagirls' Golden Globes Predictions (has the "I've abandoned my boy!" scene, plus they pick PTA and TWBB for the wins)

Video review: ReelzChannel (Good one...lots of different people reviewing the film, and they all like it, plus there's a snippet of a scene not in any of the others (Eli asking Daniel to let him bless the well).

Video Review: aminosc (the clock behind his head is fascinating in a weird way)

Video Review: spidermanfreak, Pt. 1
(this guy is talky and rambles a lot, but he likes it. Spoilers though)
Video Review: spidermanfreak, Pt. 2
Video Review: spidermanfreak, Pt. 3
Video Review: spidermanfreak, Pt. 4

PRINT REVIEWS (many more to come)

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)
Entertainment Weekly (Lisa Schwarzbaum)


Screenplay in pdf format


Official site
IMDB page
Rotten Tomatoes page
Wikipedia Page (a wealth of info!)
Box Office Mojo
I Drink Your Milkshake (TWBB forums)
IMDB page: Upton Sinclair (Author)

Writer/Director Paul Thomas Anderson:
IMDB page
Wikipedia page
Cigarettes and Red Vines (authorized fan site)

Daniel Day-Lewis (Daniel Plainview):
IMDB page
Wikipedia page

IMDB page: Paul Dano (Eli Sunday)
IMDB page: Kevin J. O'Connor (Henry Brands)
IMDB page: Dillon Freasier (H.W. Plainview - Younger)
IMDB page: Russell Harvard (H.W. Plainview - Older)
IMDB page: Ciarán Hinds (Fletcher Hamilton)
IMDB page: David Willis (Abel Sunday)
IMDB page: Sydney McCallister (Mary Sunday - Younger)
IMDB page: Colleen Foy (Mary Sunday - Older)

IMDB page: Robert Elswit (Cinematographer)
IMDB page: Jonny Greenwood (Music)
IMDB page: Dylan Tichenor (Editor)
IMDB page: Jack Fisk (Production Designer)
IMDB page: David Crank (Art Direction)
IMDB page: Jim Erickson (Set Decoration)
IMDB page: Mark Bridges (Costume Design)
IMDB page: Cassandra Kulukundis (Casting)

IMDB page: Paul Thomas Anderson (Producer)
IMDB page: Daniel Lupi (Producer)
IMDB page: Scott Rudin (Executive Producer)
IMDB page: Eric Schlosser (Executive Producer)
IMDB page: JoAnne Sellar (Producer)
IMDB page: David Williams (Executive Producer)


Fandango's Photo Gallery


These are minor, but might be of interest to some:

Short but funny "I drink your milkshake" music "video"

TWBB premiere - hard-to-watch amateur recording of the red carpet. Luis Guzman! Has one still shot of a scene from the film that wasn't in the movie

Fan-made music video (I don't know the music)

More to come