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Suspended In Gaffa 5

My theme song:
Kate Bush - Suspended In Gaffa (from her album The Dreaming, my favorite album of all time, by anybody)

MP3 file:
Size: 85,553kb
Length: 60:50

SIG05 Suspended In Gaffa

Next to each artist's name is a link to a short sample of the song, so you can get a taste of the music. It might also come in handy to identify one or more of the middle artists if you listened to the whole show, liked something but can't remember how many songs in it was.

Playlist for Suspended In Gaffa 5

01. Ella Blame - Incurable (note/sample)
02. Happy Rhodes - Proof (note/sample)
03. Nina Hagen - Born In Xixax (note/sample)
04. Yma Sumac - Chuncho (note/sample)
05. Lene Lovich - Bird Song (note/sample)
06. Akiko Yano - Rose Garden (note/sample)
07. Sunday All Over The World - Sunday All Over The World (note/sample)
08. Amazulu - Cairo (note/sample)
09. Rainbirds - Big Fat Cat (note/sample)
10. Agnes Bernelle and Marc Almond - Kept Boy (note/sample)
11. Danielle Dax - Touch Piggy's Eyes (note/sample)
12. The Sugarcubes - Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow (note/sample)
13. Caterwaul - Cinnamon Color of my Heart (note/sample)
14. Grace Darling - Transportation (note/sample)
15. Coldcut featuring Queen Latifah - Smoke Dis One (note/sample)


01. Ella Blame - Incurable

This song is not from the album above, but you should buy the album above anyway because it's wonderful. "Incurable" isn't on any release. Yet. I first heard of Ella Blame on the Indy music system and thought she was wonderful, but then, shamefully, I forgot about her. I rediscovered her on MySpace (yay!) and I've been a fan ever since. She's very sweet, and puts up with me rudely neglecting her for long period of time. She loves Happy too. How perfect can you get?

Ella's fantastic and accessible official site

Ella's MySpace page


02. Happy Rhodes - Proof

This is from Many Worlds Are Born Tonight. I used to cringe when this song came on. I like it now (especially the "Everything I do is madness" bit), but it's still one of my least favorite songs by Happy. I'm continually surprised when people say they really like it, and a lot of people have said they really really like it. I tend to look at them boggle-eyed and askance, and have to resist the overwhelming urge to say "Seriously? Uh, ok" Still, when I was putting together this show, nothing else seemed to fit right after Ella. I had to go with it.

More Happy song samples

My fan page


03. Nina Hagen - Born In Xixax

This is from one of my all-time favorite albums, Nunsexmonkrock. It came out in 1982, the same year that Kate Bush's The Dreaming and Peter Gabriel's Security were released. Oh, and My Life In the Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. What a year that was. We had a roommate, Tim, who was an audiophile and loved classical music, primarily Bach and Legeti. The only "pop" albums he loved were all of Kate Bush's and this one. I can't remember if he turned us on to Nina or if we bought it first and played it for him. I love every single song on it. It was very hard to choose one.

Wikipedia's page on Nina.


04. Yma Sumac - Chuncho

This is from the album Voice of the Xtabay. I used to collect Yma Sumac LPs. Man, they all have great covers!

Here are two sites about Yma. Both say they're "offical." Who cares? Just look at the pretty pictures!



My very favorite segue ever is this one from Yma into Lene. It's hard to get just right, but I almost have it here.


05. Lene Lovich - Bird Song

I discovered Lene Lovich the same day I discovered Kate Bush (and Sally Oldfield). A fellow Genesis/Peter Gabriel fan was shocked that I wasn't into female vocalists (she asked me who I was into and all I could come up with was Jefferson Airplane) so she sent me a tape with 3 artists. First up was Sally. I thought she was really nice, beautiful voice. Next up was Lene. WOW! I'd never heard anything like her, and immediately loved her. Last on the tape was Kate Bush. Well, 30 seconds into the first song, "Wuthering Heights," and I knew I'd begun a love affair that would last me the rest of my life. I had no idea Kate would actually *change* my life (meeting my husband, discovering Happy Rhodes). Poor Lene got left behind, but I've still always loved her.

Wikipedia's Lene Lovich page.


06. Akiko Yano - Rose Garden

This is just the coolest song in the universe. What else is there to say? Well, except that it comes from Akiko's hard-to-find 1981 album Tadaima. It took my husband, who adores this song, years to find the CD. Part of the problem is that we didn't know the name of the album, which is in Japanese anyway. He was finally able to special order it and boy do we cherish it, if only for having this song on CD finally.

A Kate Bush fan friend of mine, Andrew Marvick (aka IED in the fandom) put this song on a compilation tape he made for me, and that's how I first heard it. We wore that tape out.

If anyone's interested, I scanned the booklet and back. These links go to VERY large versions.


07. Sunday All Over The World - Sunday All Over The World

Toyah Wilcox and Robert Fripp. This is from the album Kneeling At The Shrine. I got this as a promo when I worked at a record store chain warehouse.

Info page at Fripp site.


08. Amazulu - Cairo

That's not the correct picture, but damned if I could find a pic of the "Cairo" 12" and my scanner's not working at the moment.

Yes I know this was a huge hit and probably marks me as a rube for playing it. I don't care. I love it. I first heard of this group on the TV show "The Young Ones."

Why aren't there tons of fan pages for this group?

Short bio of Amazulu


09. Rainbirds - Big Fat Cat

This is from the album Two Faces. My husband discovered this band when he went to NY on business and challenged a record store clerk to come up with something he hadn't heard of. He came home with an import LP of Sarah McLachlan's Touch (which had just been released in Canada), Mary Kelley's EP (see SIG 02) and a 12" of Rainbirds' song "Blueprint."

Rainbirds' official site. It sucks.

Katharina Franck's offical site. It's better...if you speak German.

Best of all, Ectophiles' Guide Rainbirds page


10. Agnes Bernalle and Marc Almond (Soft Cell) - Kept Boy

That picture isn't the actual cover, but I don't have it and couldn't find one. I got this on a CD a friend made for me many years ago. It's amazingly hard to find any decent information about Agnes online. That shocks me. There should be a multitude of fan sites duking it out. Where are all the gay boys with html and investigative skills??

Review and mini-bio

Here's an account of Songs In Her Suitcase, an animated account of the life of Agnes Bernelle.


11. Danielle Dax - Touch Piggy's Eyes

Another all-time favorite album, Dark-Adapted Eye

Danielle's official site


12. The Sugarcubes - Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow

This is from the album Life's Too Good. This is my favorite song on the album, though "Birthday" is really really close.

Sugarcubes' fan site

Sugarcubes' fan site


13. Caterwaul - Cinnamon Color Of My Heart

This is from Caterwaul's first album The Nature of Things. I bought Caterwaul's 2nd album, Pin & Web, first. I got it (an LP) on the same day I bought Bel Canto's first album White-Out Conditions. That was a great day! They were both impulse purchases because the covers were so cool. I played both of them on my next show. I was overjoyed when I found that Caterwaul had another album. I searched for it and found it. I might like this one even better. It's so hard to choose songs. I got to interview singer Besty Martin on my show once. That was cool.

Nice fan page


14. Grace Darling - Transportation

Val Martino. Nuff said.

See SIG 01 for more info. God I'm lazy, aren't I?


15. Coldcut featuring Queen Latifah - Smoke Dis One

This is the first rap song I really loved. The first time I heard it, when it first started, I rolled my eyes a little bit. Then that killer chorus kicked in and I fell in love. This is from Coldcut's album What's That Noise?

Bio page on Coldcut

Coldcut's official site. I LOVE how they offer a choice between html and Flash. Good for them!